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Radio Shows and Digital Communication November 2, 2009

Posted by duranl in Discussion Leader.

For my presentation I decided to discuss the way radio shows use different forms of digital communication to connect with its listeners. Even though radio is an old technology, it is still in used today. However, traditional radio has has lost many listeners due to the emergence of satellite radio. One exception is a radio station from Seattle, which I will focus on.

The station is 99.9 KISW and its morning show, The BJ Shea morning Experience, is one that uses a wide variety of communication tools, many of which we have discussed in class. For example, there are five crew members in the BJ Show and each one of them has a Twitter, a Myspace, and a Facebook page. On top of that they have a blog, a video blog, podcasts, and a few websites.

Because of this they cover more bases and are able to more effectively connect with viewers, thus not losing as many listeners as other radio shows around the country have done since the switch to satellite radio.



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2. simonk6 - November 5, 2009

Hi Lizeth,
I enjoyed your in-class presentation on radio and specifically KISW. It is amazing to see how hard work and involvement online can mean the difference between a failing company and one that holds on. With the introduction of podcasts and satellite radio it is not surprising to me one bit that many stations across the country are losing listeners. Here are some things that come to mind after reading your post and watching your presentation:
Where can we predict the future to stand for traditional radio stations like KUBE 93 and KISW?
Will radio stations eventually all go extinct?
Lastly, can we expect a totally online movement with radio as we have begun to see with newspapers like the Seattle Post-Intellegincer?

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